Coupons for Walmart

In the USA Coupons for Walmart are available for the Play Store already since some time in the retail trade, under it also with Walmart. There one can order the Coupons for Walmart also online – and with Coupons for Walmart one can also pay with PayPal. It would be quite complicated of course if one can be sent the Coupons for Walmart then to Germany and this is also not at all possible so simply. Fortunately, one can allow to send with Walmart the Coupon codes for Walmart, however, also by e-mail.

If you buy the Coupons for Walmart for the Google Play Store, unfortunately, you must give a wrong address which lies somewhere in the USA. But, at least, you can pay with PayPal and get the Coupon codes for Walmart by e-mail sent which can be redeemed then also in the German Play net curtain. Update: Though the link is indicated in the German Play net curtain, but one needs a VPN to be able to redeem the Coupon codes for Walmart.

You find the Coupons for Walmart here and with Caschy there is some Screenshots on those you see how this functions.